The Onni Group
Building for half a century

The Onni Group is one of North America’s leading private real estate developers, with extensive experience designing, developing, building and managing innovative projects. As a fully integrated company that directly oversees every step in the development process, Onni has constructed over 15,000 new homes, owns and manages more than 7,200 rental apartments, built more than 11.5 million sq.ft. of office, retail and industrial space, and have an additional 28 million sq.ft. of space in different phases of development. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix and Mexico, Onni continues to expand and diversify into new markets throughout North America.

Proud Hosts

Ownership proudly plays host to several of the
city’s most talked-about tenants.
A few within the Onni Group’s Portfolio:

01 Clippers
02 Uber
03 Soul
04 Bet
05 Hello
06 Disney
07 Evite
08 Sketchers
09 Modcloth
10 Bcg
11 Chase
12 Cobird
13 Wework
14 Crowd
15 Icon
16 Cross
17 Industrious
18 Add
19 Ibi